Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver

Emergency First Response.
Diveline – Ipswich, UK January 2004

In order to become a Rescue Diver you need to have passed a First Aid course, so on a cold January day we turned up at Diveline for 2 days. This was a very good course and is not dive specific; we were lucky enough to have the defibrillator section included so we could now resuscitate people as well as see to their broken limbs etc.

Rescue Diver
Oonas Divers – Sharm-El-Sheikh Egypt March 2004

So it was a cold wet February that found us at Gatwick with two bulging dive bags.  We were not sure what lie ahead for us, but we had heard that the course ended with a “Hell Dive” to find out what we had learnt.

Again we had a very good instructor, we had been either very lucky so far or were good at choosing good dive centres.  I think it all comes down to research.  This was definitely the best course so far that we had done; we learnt a lot about diving, equipment, ourselves and how to cope with various situations.  One thing that still sticks in the brain is “Ordering Pizzas”!  Rather than shouting help for emergency services during the practices “Pizza Pizza” was shouted (PADI courses has now changed and you now actually have to call for help).  There were many strange looks from the beach but we were too exhausted to care!  The course itself was intensive with us both spending the evening revising and learning as well of course as relaxing.  Even in February and early March the climate is good.

Then after our final Open Water Dive we were Rescue Divers and for us this was as far as we intended to go with our training; though we thought we might do some specialities in the future.

It was a very nice location to do this course and even though we were only there for the week we managed to get to dive on some very nice sites.  Going to the Red Sea is dangerous as it changes your outlook on diving forever!  Nothing ever quite looks as good.

August 2004

Whilst on holiday in Tenerife in August 2004 we were dreaming about owning our own dive centre and what the life would be like.  This seemed like a very remote possibility as we neither had the money nor more importantly the qualifications and experience.  However Richard decided that he wanted to try to be Divemaster before he was 50.  Not to be left behind Theresa said she would also try.

During this holiday Daniel completed his AOW course.

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