Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

MA Diving – Lanzarote August 2002

We first started diving in August 2002; this was very much a “spur of the moment” decision. We were sitting down near the sea enjoying the glorious weather, when we saw some people emerging from the sea; they had been on a try dive. Theresa said that she quite fancied having a go, so the next we knew we had signed up for a “try-dive” with MA Diving.

The try dive was great! A nice touch was feeding the fish with stale bread rolls, which was fantastic. Not that we had anything to compare it to, other than what we had seen snorkelling; we still have our video of the occasion.

We both decided (possibly more Richard than Theresa) that we would sign up for the open-water course. The next 3-4 days (the last of our holiday) was then spent learning, reading, training and practising by ourselves when we could. We had a very patient instructor who ensured we enjoyed (!?) ourselves and we achieved our Open Water status following our 4th dive! Fantastic!!

Back Home

When we got home we were both at a loose end and were not sure what to do but thought we might like to do more diving. We contacted some local clubs to see what they could offer, however it quickly became clear to us that this was not the type of diving for us due to work, children etc.

We decided that it would be beneficial to invest in our own equipment, so off to the dive show to see what we could buy and with recommendations about different makes and models ringing on our ears.

We ended up spending more than we intended but had a complete set of equipment each.

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